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Virenspersa is a project that explores the fundamentals of life and represents the artist’s artworks, Sofia Demetriou. The name Virenspersa originates from the word Perseverance. Perseverance means a steady persistence in a course of action, purpose and state, in spite of difficulties, failure obstacles and discouragement. The continuance in a state of grace to the end , leading to a life of balance and honour.

All my creative projects resonate from a state of perseverance, it is what keeps me alive to never stop diving deep within myself for answers such as what is my true nature? what is death? or what is  happiness? - this is the energy where all my creative projects emerge from and that is all my creative projects reflect back to.

For me, to pass this attitude of the perseverance of questioning things to our next generation is the only way out from a world of greed. And i am not saying the the perseverance of pride, not the perseverance of stubbornness , but the perseverance of letting go , of gracefulness, gratefulness and the persistence of wanting to be the in a peaceful and non-dual state, to be stable, faithful, and to learn to navigate towards love and away from anything that causes destruction to our body, mind and our spirit.

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I believe in a life where we can vibrate in harmony and that it can unfold within us beauty we can't imagine, Most importantly i believe in being able to pass that attitude into the being of others so that they can also vibrate their own unique melody without the sense of separation - ego, but with a sense of respect to our differences, to love each other and recognise our equality. I believe in a world where people can reach a higher state of being and from there can choose better choices that will create a better support system for our next generations, i believe in a better world.

Choose not to follow the one direction of negativity or positivity but to search for a broader life of more than two possibilities, to go beyond yourself likes and dislikes or as to say - comfort perspective. To live  and to grow fully into aliveness no matter the life struggles and what the society demands, but having the strength to liberate yourself from those limitations and inspire others to liberate themselves too.

Creativity as in ancient civilisations , is an experience of self-realisation which can become a way of roaming in faith - Sofia Demetriou

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To live as if life is only what happens outside in the phenomenal world and to not to search for greater inner answers, is a world of stagnation, a world of suffering and a world of illusion of the power of who and what we are. We humans invest our time and effort to create an identical self-image and manipulate every possibility to sustain our own life, based on the idea we have for a “happy life” - money, fame creating a false power and control. Whether it is by having a great social media standards or great luxury lifestyles. This main drive and focus of attention on the outer world of image is a dead end to a life of direct path to wisdom and self-recognition, It is a life of growing up as a body and dying inside believing that we are only our thinking mind.

On the opposite , a life of inner growth  is a life of life exploration, creativity, an organic life that our solutions do not create more health problems, our solutions do not pollute our environment and does not cause pain to people or animals. We should learn to reflect our mistakes and break our harmful patterns for a life that we turn our attention not only to our needs but the needs of other earthy beings. A life of using painful situations to situations to deepen our love, peace, stillness and joy. To acknowledge the importance of our mental, spiritual and physical health and align our choices to that for us and for the collective. If we can live with no attachments to our debt, emotional and material relationships, and not meaning to not to own those gifts, but not to let our happiness love , joy and peacefulness be ruled by things that come and go, we then choose to become a support system, like a tree with unshakable roots. 

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As difficult it might sound, we already working and choosing towards something so it is a matter of turning slightly our steering wheel every day for a better world. We are not slaves of society, we can realise that all problems end when we step into the perseverance to stay in a state of love and letting go. To step back from letting destruction choose for us.

Slowly slowly, step at a step to by our own rhythm everyday. A small turn is better than nothing. It is simpler that we think, we are more capable that we think. Perseverance is what we need, love for the world is the vehicle, faith is our fuel.    

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PS: This writing is not a force of what is true, is what the reader has witnessed as experiencing life and is a matter of the reader if he/she can relate to it.

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